Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Walking Tools

Now that warmer weather is here, I can shed my jacket and do my morning walks in gym shorts and a t-shirt. That means I also lose the pockets which held my iPhone and car keys.

I have owned a gazillion armbands for my iPods and iPhones. None of them were very impressive. Most were awkward and broke in short order. My latest, however, is an absolute gem. It's made by TuneBand. The case that holds the iPhone is a stretchable silicone. It fits the iPhone perfectly and holds it securely to the velcro band. The entire band is made of hook and loop velcro, so you get an absolutely perfect fit on your arm every time. The TuneBand retails for $19.99. Check it out here and don't miss the reviews:

I used to have a small wristband that held my car keys. However, I recently switched cars and the new key fob that came with the car was too large to fit in my wristband. So I went shopping for a new wristband and came across the En Route wrist wallet.

There are three pockets total on this wrist wallet. The first is a large pocket secured by a velcro flap (see above photo). That pocket is large enough to hold my big key fob, along with my driver's license and a credit card or two.

The other two pockets are on the back side and these are both secured by zippers. These are large enough to hold a house key or coins for a parking meter. The En Route wrist wallet retails for $17.99 and is available here:

Warm weather is here, so get outside. And you don't need pockets!