Friday, December 23, 2011

180s Ear Warmers

I usually walk 2 to 4 miles a day. I like walking. I also have a large dog that likes walking. Requires walking, actually. While walking in spring, summer and fall is a joy, I hate walking in winter because I hate the cold.

Cold requires that I keep my body parts covered. I'm not a hat guy, so I tested a slew of ear muffs until I found an unbreakable pair I liked. The 180s Ear Warmers are spectacular. They fold up into a very small package when not in use, which makes carrying them in my pocket a breeze. It's a great, behind-the-head design and they work really well. It was definitely $30 well spent.

When I walk in winter with my wife, who is skilled in the art of conversation, I wear the pair you see at the top of this page. When I walk alone with my dog, who only wants to talk about himself, I like to listen to music. So I used to wear my iPhone ear buds under the 180s Ear Warmers, but that did not work so well.

Inevitably someone wants to talk about my dog ("yes, he's a standard poodle and yes, he was born with all of those colors"), which requires removal of my ear warmers and ear buds...and it's a giant hassle getting them back in. Gloves have to come off, then re-insert ear buds, then let's hope I can get the 180s back on without knocking the ear buds out of place. Of course while I am fumbling with all of this, my dog is doing six foot vertical leaps and shouting out his favorite Sally Field schtick: "They love me. They really love me!"

Then 180s solved my problem. They went and designed an ear warmer with built-in speakers. I find the sound to be excellent. Best of all, there's only a $5 premium for this model, so you get music and warm ears for just $35! These ear warmers are the perfect antidote for cold weather and a dog that thinks it's all about him.

 Based on my experience, 180s makes great stuff and you can check what they have to offer here:

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