Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nespresso Pixie Single Serve Espresso Machine

I jumped on the single serve coffee machine bandwagon back in 2001 when Senseo rolled out their first machine. It was a great way to get a fresh, perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time. But Senseo had a limited number of coffees available and their dark roast was just not dark enough for my palate. So I migrated over to the Keurig world, using a Breville Single Serve Coffee Machine along with Double Black Diamond coffee capsules from Green Mountain Coffee. Fabulous stuff.

But I still missed having an occasional espresso. While I have a closet full of old burr grinders and espresso machines, I was not going down that road again. Once you switch over to the capsule world, you get spoiled. It's just so fast and easy to make a delicious cup.

So I started exploring the capsule world for an espresso machine. The online reviews kept directing me to Nespresso, which makes a full line of espresso machines and espresso capsules. I was looking for a really small machine, one that would take up very little real estate. The smallest one on the market was the Nespresso's only 4" wide X 9" high X 13" deep.

I got mine online from for $179. And I am here to tell you that it makes a cup of espresso that is absolutely to die for. It's right up there with the best I've ever had from a barista. Nespresso offers 16 different flavors of espressos for their machines. My favorite is Ristretto, a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. It's deep, dark and rich....and has such a pronounced roasted flavor that one sip is sufficient to make all of your toenails fall off.

If you are looking for a single serve espresso maker, I strongly recommend Nespresso. While the machines are sold at many different retailers, I found and Nespresso to be the cheapest. There are a fair number of people selling Nespresso capsules. All of my research to date shows that the Nespresso web store has the lowest price (60¢ per capsule).  Check it all out here:

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