Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gibson Self-Tuning Guitars

It's been decades since I quit playing guitar. While I still have about six of them sitting around the house, they are more for decor than generating music. When I did play, there was one absolute rule that applied universally: any guitar you pick up will be out of tune.

"Perfect pitch" was not a gift my parents had imbedded in their gene pool, so keeping a guitar properly tuned was always a challenge for me. Now Gibson Guitars has brought the gift of perfect pitch to whomever has the dough to buy one of their new, lithium-ion, self-tuning guitars.

To tune your guitar, you just hit the master control knob and lightly strum the strings. The digital brain kicks into gear and using the motors built into the tuning keys, perfectly tunes your guitar to digital perfection. The lithium ion battery is good for around 100 tunes until it needs to be recharged.  You'll need at least $799 in your wallet to bring one home.

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