Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casio GW-530A

I own 10 watches, but this is my hands-down favorite. It's the one I wear 99% of the time. It has earned that status for two simple reasons. First, it's solar powered and never needs a battery. Second, it's the most accurate watch on the planet as the time is radio-controlled by the atomic clock in Colorado.

There's nothing I hate more than reaching into my drawer for a watch and finding out it's dead because the battery has ceased to function. Huge friggin' nuisance. Not so with this solar powered Casio G-Shock watch. Light keeps the battery charged...any sort of light. In the 3 years I have owned it, it has never run out of a charge. Doesn't matter if I spend hours on end indoors, the ambient light is sufficient to charge the battery. And once the battery is fully charged, it can run for 11 months without any light whatsoever.

Knowing that my watch always has the exact and precise time is a great feeling...especially since I am the most anal person on earth about being on-time.  It synchs to the atomic clock in Colorado four times each day.

The watch is loaded with features. It works in all 29 time zones. It's got 4 different programmable alarms. It's waterproof and shockproof. It's got a backlight that you can either turn on manually or automatically with a tilt of your wrist. There's a handy stopwatch function and the auto-calendar is pre-programmed through the year 2038.

My boys gave me this watch for father's day three years ago. Here's the best cost a whopping $90 at Costco. To me, that's the bargain of the century for a solar powered, atomic watch that keeps perfect time and never needs a battery.

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