Monday, May 7, 2012

Brand New Xbox for Just $99!

Well, here's a move that will set the gaming console business on it's ear. Borrowing a page from the wireless phone industry, Microsoft is subsidizing their the tune of $200. Yes, you are reading that right, a complete Xbox set-up with Kinect runs $299....and now you can get it for just $99 at any Microsoft Store.

The kicker is that there is a mandatory subscription to Xbox Live involved. You have to sign up for a two-year contract and pay the $14.99 monthly fee for 2 years. To me, that is an unbelievable deal. First, because I think the Xbox is the best gaming console on the market. And second, because I think Xbox Live is the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming.

Microsoft absolutely hit one out of the park when they created Xbox Live. Nothing is more fun than gaming with your friends and Xbox Live makes it incredibly easy and fun to hook up. If you've ever tried to connect with friends on the PlayStation's a big steaming mess of horse poop. In addition, there is such a wealth of gaming and entertainment content available over Xbox Live, it's just a great deal at $14.99 per month.

This should put a nail in the coffin of the pathetic Nintendo Wii. That stupid machine is an entire generation behind in graphic and computing power. For the casual gamer or parents looking for motion-based games for their toddlers and little kids, it's a no-brainer. An Xbox console with Kinect for $99 or a steam-powered Nintendo for $199....gee, that's a tough one. Xbox is the best gaming console on the planet. And now it's the cheapest.

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