Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Ultimate Grill

I've been very happy grilling on my $329 Weber Performer. But my grill does seem inadequate when compared to Grillworks' new Infierno Outdoor Grill. You need to be packing some serious cash to take this monster home...this grill will set you back $30,000.

The fire cage in the middle of the grill is for burning huge, honkin' logs. As the logs heat up and drop coals, you sweep the hot coals to either the left or right grills (or both if you are having the relatives over for Memorial Day).  For heat modulation, the grills  can be cranked up or down 16 inches with just a quick spin of their wheels.

If you are a lover of the Argentina style of grilling and want the ultimate piece of hardware in your back yard, the Infierno is just your cup of tea. Sell your Bentley and plop this work of stainless steel art on your back deck. Check it out here:

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