Monday, September 3, 2012

GoWatchIt iPhone App

Last December I wrote about new software called GoWatchIt:( It is a fabulous program that lets you keep track of movies you want to see. I used to use Netflix for that, but since they have abandoned new releases, their queue is basically worthless. GoWatchIt actually tracks all of the movies in your queue across all of the distribution channels and notifies you when they become available on each.

I'm a big fan of foreign films, so I find the software incredibly useful because most foreign films are just quietly slipped into distribution....without GoWatchIt I would not know that they are available. Plexus Entertainment created the software, and now they have brought it to the iPhone. Their new GoWatchIt app for iPhone has all of the functionality of the original software in a really easy to use iPhone format.

It's a very elegant app. When you come across a poster of a movie you want to see, you just hit the camera icon and the movie automatically gets entered into your queue. Then GoWatchIt tracks your movie and notifies you when it becomes available on each distribution channel: movie theaters, Fandango, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, SnagFilms, Sundance Now and movies on demand for cable and satellite.

I just love this app and the best part is that it's absolutely free! If you are interested, head to the iPhone App Store and search for GoWatchIt.

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